hello again

this site has been dormant for years. i resurrected my college work on king lear. i made the King Lear site for a class, but for many years it was useful to people everywhere who wanted to approach King Lear from a summary view, or to examine the play and characters with a simple user interface. People found benefit from these basic hyperlinked documentss.

Maybe republishing this can still help people. No JavaScript, tracking, anything. 2003 HTML in all its glory. King Lear didn't change in 20 years, why should the site: a summary and complete text of, King Lear


grand son: "Grand Dad, Why is the text so small?"

grand father: "Boy, when I was your age, we didn't have no 4k fancy hidpi oled gadgetry. We were lucky to have 1,000 pixels horizontal on our laptops and we liked it!"

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